Mini Bible Studies

Walking Through Grief Part 3 of 3

A Devotional Bible Study Day 5 and Optional Day 6 Day 5 This is the final day of this Bible study on grieving. It is a day of celebration for what the Heavenly Father will accomplish in your heart, mind, and life. I believe it for you.  Even if you don’t feel it right now, […]

Walking Through Grief Part 2 of 3

A Devotional Bible Study Days 3-4 Day 3 Again today I have listed for you a passage which may express your current feelings. It is a cry unto the Lord from the depths of a heart that suffering. Read Psalm 143. Twice this psalm requests the Lord to deliver from enemies. Make a list of your […]

Walking Through Grief Part 1 of 3

A Devotional Bible Study Grief is something everyone deals with at some point in their lives. We may grieve something as heavy and choking as the loss of a loved one or merely as stinging as a disappointment. We sometimes must wrestle with anguish at the gaping hole left in our hearts and lives, and […]